I offer a range of skin surgery treatments which include the removal of simple moles and cysts to the early detection and treatment of skin cancer.

The vast majority of these procedures are carried out under a local anaesthetic and on an outpatient basis in the fully equipped  minor operating theatre attached to my clinic.

Moles are pigmented skin lesions of variable appearance. They are very common, can occur all over the body and while usually of no medical significance. Moles sometimes can be a sign of skin cancer. For the majority of people wanting their moles removed, it is for cosmetic reasons.  
A cyst is a soft tissue swelling that usually appears as a small painless bump. While generally harmless, a cyst can become painful if infected. Cysts are frequently found in visible areas such as the face and scalp, and therefore can be cosmetically troublesome.
Lipoma Removal
Lipomas are very common, and are usually harmless, fatty lumps beneath the skin. Around 1 in 100 people develop lipomas, making them a common skin problem. Although usually harmless, you may want to remove a lipoma if it is a cosmetic concern or is causing discomfort or other symptoms.  Most lipomas can be removed under local anaesthetic in my clinic. If they are too large for that then I can arrange to remove it for you in a main operating theatre setting.
Skin Tag Removal
A skin tag is a small and usually flesh coloured growth which appears on the skin. Whilst skin tags present no medical threat, people often chose to have them removed either due to discomfort or for cosmetic reasons. 
The incidence of skin cancer is increasing in the UK. There are two main groups of skin cancers called ‘melanoma skin cancer’ and ‘non-melanoma skin cancer’. I have expertise in treating all forms of skin cancer which includes being able to provide sentinel lymph node biopsy for those who have the more serious types of skin cancer (melanoma).

During your skin cancer consultation, I will be able to thoroughly examine your skin and in the vast majority of cases, am able to remove a suspected skin cancer  it there and then and will arrange for it to be tested and formally analysed.