Breast augmentation clinic London

If you’re looking to enhance the size and shape of your breasts, a breast augmentation clinic in London can provide you with the best possible care.


Breast augmentation surgery, or breast enlargement surgery as it’s also known, is a popular surgical procedure. We help women enhance their breasts so that they are in proportion with their figures, while giving them more volume and shape. 

Dr Ahid Abood

We understand that breast augmentation surgery is a big decision. This is why we provide our patients with all the information they need about breast surgery, so they can make an informed choice.


With Mr Abood, you will be in the hands of an experienced and highly qualified cosmetic surgeon. He understands how to help women achieve the look they want through breast surgery. 


Mr Abood takes the time to understand your reasons for wanting a breast enlargement, your medical history and the look you are hoping to achieve. Through tailored advice, he will ensure that you achieve results that you are satisfied with.




What happens during breast augmentation surgery?


A breast augmentation or breast enlargement involves the insertion of breast implants to help give you more shape, increase your size or make your breasts more even.


Your breast augmentation will be carried out under general and aesthetic and takes around 60 to 90 minutes to complete. For this reason, most patients are usually a day case.


Mr Abood will start by marking your breasts to show where the incisions will be made to insert your breast implants. During your breast enlargement surgery, Mr Abood will make a cut below the breast crease to insert the breast implant.  


The breast implants will sit between your breast tissue and chest muscle or behind your chest muscle. Mr Abood will talk you through which option is right for you during your breast surgery consultation. 


Breast implant options


Knowing which breast implants are right for you is an important part in deciding to have breast enlargement surgery. The two main types are round breast implants and teardrop breast implants.


Round breast implants

These are what most women think of when thinking about breast augmentation. A round breast implant adds fullness to the upper part of your breasts. They help give more of a curvaceous look.


Teardrop breast implants


A teardrop breast implant closely mimics the natural slope of your breasts. This type of breast implant is a good option for women with smaller builds or that have less breast tissue. They are also suitable for women wanting to have more projection in the lower part of their breasts.


Breast implants – under vs over the muscle


Where your breast implants sit is a big decision when having a breast augmentation procedure. Mr Abood will take a look at your breast shape and existing breast tissue to guide you in this decision. 


Mr Abood may advise placing your breast implants under the pectoral muscle (chest) if you have little to no breast tissue. This is because your chest wall muscle will offer coverage and support for your implants. It will also help to give you a more natural look. 


Over the muscle is for women who have a moderate amount of breast tissue (B cup or larger). Over the muscle is generally a more straightforward procedure and recovery time is often shorter. 


What breast implants do you use for breast augmentation in London?


What are the best breast implants for my breast enlargement procedure? This is a question many patients ask at their consultations. 


There are two types of breast implants – silicone and saline implants. Most surgeons in the UK including Mr Abood use silicone breast implants. This is because silicone implants offer more natural-looking results. They are also less likely to create wrinkles in your breast and are more durable.


We do not use saline implants as they are more likely to fold and cause implant rupture. You are also more likely to see rippling through your skin, which makes the breast look less natural. 


Mr Abood will talk you through which shape and size of breast implant is right for you at your consultation. You will be able to see what they look like and how they feel, so that you can make the decision that is best for you and the look you want. 




Breast augmentation recovery period


You will be able to move around soon after your breast augmentation surgery. Your breasts will be tender and bruised after surgery. Our nursing team will give you suitable pain relief to manage these symptoms. 


Breast augmentation patients can take a few weeks to recover from surgery. You should look to take two weeks off work to allow you to rest and recuperate. We also advise you to wear a surgical support bra or sports bra for the first month or two.


You should also avoid any strenuous exercise or activity for a month after your breast enlargement surgery. Mr Abood will talk you through when you can resume normal activities such as driving or lifting. 


Please ensure you attend your follow-up appointments, which will be six weeks, three months and one year after surgery. You can also contact Mr Abood and his team at any time between your appointments for advice and support. 


Questions to ask at an initial consultation for breast enlargement surgery


You need to feel comfortable and confident in your decision to have any type of breast surgery. This is why it’s important to ask the right questions so you have all the information you need.


During your breast enlargement consultation, you should consider asking the following types of questions:


  1.     What are the different breast surgery procedures?
  2.     What does breast enlargement involve?
  3.     What results can I expect from breast surgery?
  4.     Can I see some breast enhancement results from other patients?
  5.     What type of aftercare do you offer?
  6.     What are the risks involved in having breast implant surgery?


If you are looking at having your implants replaced from a previous breast surgery, you should ask about what this involves and what type of results you can expect. 


Reasons to choose Mr Abood for breast surgery


  •       Mr Abood is a consultant plastic and reconstructive surgeon who works as an NHS consultant and privately in London and Cambridge.
  •       He has expertise in breast augmentation, breast uplift and breast reduction surgery.
  •       He is a member of The Royal College of Surgeons, The Royal Society of Medicine, the General Medical Council, the British Association of Plastic Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgeons (BAPRAS) and The British Association of Aesthetic Surgeons (BAAPS).
  •       He follows the latest reconstructive and cosmetic surgical techniques.


Start your journey with Mr Abood at his London clinic


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