What is cosmetic surgery?

Cosmetic surgery is a term used to describe a range of surgical procedures to change or enhance physical characteristics. It is surgery that has no direct health benefit but is often carried out to address physical characteristics which have an impact upon an individual’s self-esteem and confidence.

Is cosmetic surgery safe?

All surgery carries with it certain inherent risks but fortunately when carried out for the correct reasons and in the right patient, it is usually very safe indeed. During the consultation phase Mr Abood will undertake a comprehensive assessment of your suitability for surgery which includes finding out about your general medical health and any medications which you take.

How do I know if you are qualified ?

Fully qualified plastic surgeons are on the General Medical Council Specialist Register for Plastic Surgery (you can find the register through the GMC website). Mr Abood is also a member of the British Association of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (BAPRAS) which means he adheres to a further strict code of practice around the quality of patient care.

Where will my surgery happen?

Your surgery will happen in one of two hospitals which Mr Abood has practicing privileges (Weymouth Street Hospital, London and The Spire Lea Hospital, Cambridge). Both of these hospitals are registered with the Care Quality Commission which means that they must adhere to strict standards around providing safe, responsive and high quality care for patients.

When will I start to see my results and how long will they last for?

You will see results immediately following your surgery but it can take time before the final result is achieved. In the early phase of recovery it is common for there to be some bruising and a variable amount of swelling. It is generally advised that it can take up to a year before the final result is achieved. It is hoped that the results will be long lasting in the vast majority of cases, however, If significant changes occur to your body such as pregnancy or large fluctuations in weight, this can alter the results of your surgery.

What if it goes wrong and I’m not happy with the results?

Fortunately, the overwhelming majority of patients are delighted with the results of their cosmetic surgery. However, as with all surgery there is an inherent unpredictability which means that occasionally the results may not be as desired. In such circumstances, revision surgery can be carried out if deemed appropriate to rectify the situation.

What aftercare do you offer?

Aftercare is provided by Mr Abood and his highly experienced team of nurses. You will be supported and looked after throughout your surgical journey and have direct access to the team should you have any questions or concerns. We pride ourselves on our aftercare and do our very best to ensure that every patient receives individual and personalised care.