Are you considering lipoma removal in Cambridge? Lipomas can be a source of pain and embarrassment, and many sufferers now opt for removal. 

The process is simple and efficient. Mr. Abood is an experienced and respected cosmetic surgeon, currently working within the NHS and private practice.

If you are considering lipoma removal, please contact our clinic to book a consultation appointment today!

What are lipomas?

Lipomas are fatty lumps that appear under the skin, caused by the over-growth of fat cells.

Why choose lipoma removal surgery in Cambridge?

Lipomas are usually not painful, and so most patients choose lipoma removal surgery for cosmetic reasons.

Cambridge patients may opt for lipoma removal surgery if they feel self-conscious about the appearance of lipomas and suffer harm to their self-esteem as a result.

This is especially common if patients suffer from unsightly or large lipomas, or if they have a prominent location on the head or neck. The nature of the lipomas in such cases may lead some patients to feel self-conscious about them, and seek plastic surgery as a result.

However, in some cases, lipomas can cause additional symptoms. If they press on a nerve, the lump may cause pain.

Will lipomas go away on their own?

The vast majority of lipomas will continue to grow slowly on the skin without treatment.

Therefore, we recommend contacting our clinic to discuss your options regarding removal.

What is the procedure for lipoma removal surgery?

You will be placed under local anaesthetic during the surgical procedure. As a result of the local anaesthetic, you will experience minimal pain.

We do not use general anaesthetics for these procedures.

The plastic surgeon will make a straight incision on the skin over the lipoma, and then remove the lipoma. Then the surgeon will close the cut with stitches.

These stitches can be removed by the plastic surgeon typically about 5 days after treatment.

What is recovery like after the surgery?

The healing process following lipoma removal surgery is relatively easy. You should be able to return to work the day after surgery.

How can I access the clinic in Cambridge?

Our clinics are easily accessible to anyone in and around Cambridge. We have two locations around Cambridge, the Nuffield Health Cambridge Hospital in South Cambridge, and the Spire Cambridge Lea Hospital. Both locations are easily accessible from the centre of Cambridge, within 15 minutes by car.

Our South Cambridge clinic:

The Nuffield Health Cambridge Hospital

4 Trumpington Road, Cambridge


Our North Cambridge clinic:

Spire Cambridge Lea Hospital

30 New Road, Impington, Cambridge

CB24 9EL

How can I arrange a consultation about my treatment plan?

Please contact us directly to book an appointment for a free initial consultation, so you can discuss our range of cosmetic procedures with a doctor.

We also offer a broad range of other services, such as breast augmentation, breast reduction, tummy tuck, removal of moles, skin tag removal, and other plastic surgery and skin treatments.

About Cambridge

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