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What are lipomas?

A lipoma is a soft fatty lump that appears under the skin surface, caused by the overgrowth of fat cells.

These fatty lumps can be removed using a simple procedure of surgical excision that removes the fatty deposits.

Why choose lipoma removal surgery in London?

Most lipomas are not painful, and so in most cases, patients choose surgical removal for cosmetic reasons.

Patients may opt for lipoma removal surgery if they feel self-conscious about the appearance of lipomas and suffer harm to their self-esteem as a result.

This is especially common if patients suffer from unsightly or very large lipomas, or if they have a prominent location on the head or neck.

However, in some cases, lipomas can cause additional symptoms. If they press on a nerve, the lump may cause pain.

In addition, in rare cases, lipomas may be one of several changes that act as an indicator of skin cancer.

Will lipomas go away on their own?

It is fairly common for lipomas to continue to grow if they are not treated.

Therefore, we recommend contacting our clinic to discuss your options regarding lipoma removal by surgical excision.

What is the procedure for lipoma removal surgery?

You will be placed under local anaesthetic during the surgical excision. As a result of the local anaesthetic, you will experience minimal pain, and the procedure takes very little time.

Local anaesthetic or general?

We do not use a general anaesthetic on patients for these procedures. A local anaesthetic is during the procedure.

Surgical excision

The procedure involves only minor surgery. The plastic surgeon will make a small incision on the skin over the lipoma, and then remove the fatty lump. Then the surgeon will close the cut with stitches.

These stitches can be removed by the plastic surgeon typically about 5 days after treatment in the vast majority of cases.

What is recovery like after the surgery?

Recovery time following lipoma removal surgery is minimal. You will be able to return home the same day, and you should be able to return to work the day after surgery.

Very few lipomas tend to require further treatment.

How can I access the Harley Street clinic?

Mr. Abood’s Harley Street clinic can be accessed easily by public transport, a 5 minute walk from Bond Street and Oxford Circus stations.

It is also possible to drive to the clinic, as there is parking available just across the street.

How can I arrange a consultation about my treatment plan?

Please contact us directly to book an appointment for a free initial consultation, so you can discuss your treatment options with a doctor.

We also offer a full range of other services, such as wart removal, removal of skin tags, and non-surgical treatments. To learn more about the treatment of these skin conditions, please get in contact with our team today!

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