Skin tag removal in Cambridgeshire

Skin tags are common and will affect almost everyone at some point. Most skin tags are harmless; however, they can affect your self-confidence. This is where you should consider skin tag removal inDr Ahid Abood Cambridgeshire with Mr Abood.


Skin tags are small, fleshy growths that can appear on various parts of your body. With the help of an expert, you can remove skin tags safely and effectively. 


Mr Abood is an NHS consultant plastic surgeon with expertise in helping patients get their skin tags removed. He also has years of experience in removing skin growths and skin lesions such as moles and cysts. 


The techniques of Mr Abood and his medical team mean that you will always get the best results. You can have peace of mind that your well-being is our top priority. We will support you through every step of your journey, giving you clear and honest advice.





What are Skin Tags and How Do They Form?


A skin tag is a small growth that hangs on your skin. You typically see them on areas of the body where your skin folds or rubs together. These include the neck, groin, and armpits, in the folds of your buttocks and under the breasts.


A skin tag is usually the same colour as your skin; however, this can vary. So too can the size of skin tags. They do not tend to cause any discomfort or harm. However, if they are rubbing or catching on your clothes or affecting how you see yourself, you should look at skin tag removal for cosmetic reasons. 


Skin tags are more common in:


  •       People who are obese or overweight (more folds and creases in the skin)
  •       Those with type two diabetes
  •       Women during pregnancy because of hormonal changes
  •       Anyone who suffers from chaffing or excessive sweating
  •       When other members of their family have had a skin tag


What to expect during skin tag removal treatment in Cambridgeshire


Whenever you are looking to remove skin blemishes such as a skin tag, you should always consult local plastic surgeons or a qualified doctor. You should never try to remove a skin tag by yourself, particularly if they are large as it can cause bleeding and infection.


The beauty industry often promotes treatments such as electrolysis to remove a skin tag. However, this method does not always remove the entire skin tag. Other treatments such as freezing or burning can cause skin discolouration or irritation. It is also likely that you will need multiple treatments to get rid of your skin tag.


Skin tag removal surgery in Cambridgeshire


Skin tag removal by surgery is a straightforward procedure. This is because skin tags are normal skin that formed into a growth of tissue that hangs off the skin. You can also develop a skin tag on a skin lesion such as a mole. 


Before having surgery to remove a skin tag, you need to have a consultation with Mr Abood. During this, he will assess whether surgery is the best option for your skin tag removal. He will also go through how the procedure works and what you can expect. It also allows you to talk to him about any concerns you might have. 


On the day of your surgery, you will have a local anaesthetic to numb the area and to serve as pain relief. The skin tag will be removed using sharp surgical scissors or a scalpel to ensure the skin tag removal is quick and precise. This form of removal provides an instant result, which is why it is a common treatment, particularly for a larger skin tag. 


Surgical removal of your skin tag is only a short procedure. It usually takes around 15-30 minutes. You may not need stitches after your treatment however this will depend on the size and location of your skin tag.


Is skin tag removal painful?


Skin tag removal is quick and done with little discomfort. If the skin tag is small you may only feel a slight pinprick. For a larger skin tag, local anaesthetic will be applied to the treatment area beforehand. This will ensure you don’t feel the removal of your skin tag.


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