Breast Uplift Cambridge

Breast uplift can be performed by Dr Ahid Abood at his private practise in Cambridge.

AA Plastic Surgery in Cambridge is an exclusive clinic run by Dr Abood and his small team of specialist nurses and qualified support staff. The clinic has a relaxed and friendly atmosphere that aims to put you at ease as much as possible while you make, what could be, a life-changing decision.

Dr Abood has seen firsthand the positive impact his work has on people’s self-confidence. He knows that the decision to undergo surgery is not an easy one, but he is confident in his expertise and ability to create natural results that restore people’s self-esteem in the way they look.

AA Plastic Surgery in Cambridge has a reputation for first-rate quality of care and personalised support that extends into aftercare.

To book an appointment with Dr Ahid Abood, please email or call 0800 233 5088.

About Dr Ahid Abood

Dr Abood is an expert in:

  • Reconstructive microsurgery for those recovering from trauma and cancer
  • Skin cancer, including sentinel lymph node biopsy
  • Scar reduction and treatment

He qualified as a medical doctor after studying medicine at the University of Cambridge and completing his training at St. Mary’s Hospital in London.

Dr Abood now runs private practices in Cambridge and London Harley Street, as well as maintaining high-level consultant positions within the NHS. He is currently the Clinical Lead for Major Trauma Reconstruction to the East of England and has won recognition for his research into the treatment of skin cancer.

In his career, Dr Abood has travelled around the UK, Australia and the US to complete several prestigious fellowships that trained him in advanced reconstructive and cosmetic surgical techniques.

His first-rate quality of care and skilful results attract patients from all over the UK and abroad.

Dr Ahid Abood

Breast Uplift Cambridge

Also known as ‘mastopexy’, breast uplift surgery is commonly performed at Dr Abood’s Cambridge clinic to address the following conditions:

  • Sagging  or droopy breasts
  • Flat, empty looking breasts
  • Asymmetric breasts

It is natural for breasts to change shape throughout a person’s life. Lifestyle choices can have a great influence on this, but genetics and age are just as responsible. Weight loss, pregnancy and breastfeeding are further culprits.

Breast uplift surgery can restore a pert and youthful appearance to the breasts by adding shape and volume. Essentially, the breasts are raised to sit higher up on the chest, producing a firm and balanced effect.

The Consultation

Dr Abood understands that it takes a lot of thoughtful consideration to commit to any type of cosmetic surgery. The consultation phase is there to give you the information you need on the breast uplift procedure so that you know what the surgery entails and can make an informed decision.

The consultation will be your chance to ask any questions and address any concerns. If you require more than one consultation session, this can easily be arranged.  AA Plastic surgery wants you to be as comfortable as possible in the decision you make.

During the consultation, you will discuss why you want breast uplift surgery and what you would like to achieve in terms of shape and size. You will be asked to provide your relevant medical history so that we can tailor the treatment to your needs.

As part of the consultation and surgical planning, Dr Abood will need to examine and photograph your breasts, but he will be accompanied by one of his nursing team while he does this. You may request to have a friend or relative with you for support.

The Procedure

Breast uplift surgery at the AA Cambridge clinic usually takes around 2 hours to perform and is carried out under general anaesthetic, meaning that you will be unconscious. You will be able to go home the same day as the surgery.

You will have decided at consultation whether or not you want the procedure to involve breast implants. Implants can be used to significantly increase the size of your breasts at the same time as uplifting them. The degree to which your breasts are sagging will likely impact your decision.

During the procedure, Dr Abood will mark the area around your areola and the underside of your breasts with pen. This will act as a guide for him as he removes excess skin and tissue and insert any desired implants. The nipples can be repositioned at this stage.

The incisions will be closed with stitches in a manner that will not visibly scar. Dr Abood can advise you on scar management. 

Recovery and Results

Recovery can take up to 6 weeks and we will still be here to support you as you recover.

Before you go home, after the procedure, Dr Abood will give you detailed aftercare instructions and explain how the surgery went. You will be supplied with a supportive post-surgical bra to help you heal.

A follow-up appointment will be arranged one week after surgery so that we can keep track of your progress and assess your recovery. Further follow-ups will be made for 6 weeks, 3 months and 1 year after surgery. 

During your recovery period, your breasts will likely feel swollen and tender, but this can be managed with the appropriate pain relief medication that we will provide.

Swelling takes many weeks to go down completely. Breast uplift surgery is a surgical procedure and you will need to take recovery seriously, allowing your body time to heal from the stress that has been put on it.

Any physical exertion should be kept to a low-level for a couple of weeks and this might affect how long you take off work. You can increase your activity levels gradually as and when your body is comfortable.


Patient safety is at the forefront of every procedure that Dr Abood undertakes. While any surgical procedure carries risks, Dr Abood will not take any unnecessary risks and would not recommend breast uplift surgery if it wasn’t right for you.

Further Services at AA Plastic Surgery, Cambridge

  • Breast Augmentation – one of our most popular surgical procedures, breast augmentation uses silicone implants to enlarge small, saggy or asymmetrical breasts, balancing the proportions of the body
  • Breast Reduction – breast reduction involves the removal of excess tissue to decrease the size and weight of the breasts
  • Eye Bag Removal (Blepharoplasty) – this procedure can be used to correct droopy eyes, bags under the lower lids caused by fat bulges, and excess eyelid skin
  • Liposuction – a type of fat removal, liposuction works well for decreasing stubborn deposits of fat that don’t disappear through diet and exercise
  • Tummy Tuck – also known as ‘abdominoplasty’, the tummy tuck adds definition to the abdomen and tightens loose folds of skin
  • Mummy makeover – this procedure adds volume to the breasts using fat extracted from elsewhere on the body
  • Skin Surgery – Dr Abood offers skin cancer treatment, mole removal, cyst removal, lipoma removal and skin tag removal at his clinic in Cambridge

Book an initial consultation with Dr Abood to talk about your reasons for seeking a breast uplift and to consider whether it is the right course of action for you. Dr Abood has the experience and expertise to advise on the best method to achieve your desired results. He offers personalised care that will take into account your previous medical history and individual circumstances.

Opening Hours and Location for AA Plastic Surgery, Cambridge

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Saturday              Closed

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Dr Ahid Abood’s Cambridge clinic is located at: Spire Cambridge Lea Hospital, 30 New Rd, Impington, Cambridge, CB24 9EL

Email or call 0800 233 5088 to enquire today.

Directions to AA Plastic Surgery, Cambridge

From the main railway station in Cambridge, travel north, out of the city centre and across the River Cam. Travel through the districts of Chesterton and King’s Hedges and at the A14 roundabout by Orchard’s Park, take the exit onto Bridge Road. Continue north on Bridge Road; just past Histon Football Club, turn right onto New Road. Spire Cambridge Lea Hospital can be seen on the right, after Histon and Impington Recreation Ground and opposite Histon Police Station.

If you are travelling from Cambridge Airport, go north on the A1134/Barnwell Rd. At the roundabout by McDonald’s Cambridge, take the third exit onto Newmarket Rd. Turn left onto Ditton Lane/B1407. If you pass Cambridge City Cemetery, you have gone too far. Follow the B1407 until it merges with the A14, then travel west on the A14. At the roundabout by Orchard Park, take the third exit onto Bridge Road. After Histon Football Club, turn immediately right onto New Road. Spire Cambridge Lea Hospital is located to your right, past Histon and Impington Recreation Ground and opposite Histon Police Station.


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