Ahid Abood Plastic Surgery - Dr Ahid Abood

Consultant Plastic Surgeon

I am a consultant plastic & reconstructive surgeon, working both in the NHS and Private practice. The journey to becoming a consultant plastic surgeon within the NHS takes approximately thirteen years- that’s after you’ve already qualified as a doctor! I have trained in plastic surgery in some of the best hospitals in the UK and abroad. This has included prestigious fellowship sub-specialty training in Australia and America.

Private Clinics

Since becoming a Consultant I have gone on to set-up my own private clinics. These are based in Marylebone, London and in the beautiful University City of Cambridge, which is where I graduated from and where I now live! My private clinics are largely devoted to seeing patients who come from across the UK and from overseas for cosmetic surgery procedures.

Cosmetic Surgery

I undertake all aspects of cosmetic surgery and my ultimate aim is to create natural looking results that stand the test of time. I spend a great deal of time with my patients during the consultation trying to understand exactly what it is they want to achieve and explaining what it is that I can do to help them achieve it.

Personalised Care

From the moment you set foot in my clinic you are treated as an individual and not simply another ‘client’ or ‘customer’. Me and my small team of support staff and specialist nurses aim to give each of my patients a bespoke service from the initial contact and consultation, all the way through to the aftercare. We appreciate the significance of a decision to have cosmetic surgery and are there to support you in your transformation every step of the way.