Cosmetic Surgery Cambridge, Nuffield Health

At Ahid Abood Plastic Surgery in Cambridge’s Nuffield Health Hospital, we prioritise the quality of our personalised patient care when it comes to cosmetic surgery.

Dr Ahid Abood and his small team of support staff and specialist nurses aim to give each of his patients a bespoke service from the initial contact and consultation, all the way through to the aftercare.

Dr Abood is an experienced Consultant Plastic and Reconstructive surgeon who alongside his clinical work undertakes a role as a mentor and educator to aspiring doctors currently studying medicine at the University of Cambridge.

At AA Plastic Surgery, we appreciate the significance of the decision to have cosmetic surgery and are there to support you in your transformation every step of the way, with the ultimate aim of creating natural looking results that stand the test of time.

To book an appointment with Dr Abood, please email or call 0800 233 5088.

Cosmetic Surgery Cambridge, Nuffield Health

About Dr Ahid Abood

Dr Ahid Abood studied medicine at the University of Cambridge where he now mentors aspiring doctors. After completing his medical training at St. Mary’s Hospital in London, Dr Abood undertook a series of prestigious fellowships in the UK, Australia and the US. His travels allowed him to learn the most advanced techniques in both reconstructive and cosmetic surgery and to train in sub-specialties, such as the microsurgical treatment of extensive cancers of the head and neck.

Dr Abood is a lead consultant for the NHS; a position which takes approximately 13 years to achieve, on top of qualifying as a doctor. He holds the role of Clinical Lead for Major Trauma Reconstruction to the East of England, which is based at Addenbrooke’s Hospital on Cambridge’s internationally renowned Biomedical Campus. His research into the treatment of skin cancer, for which he was awarded an M.Sc Distinction, also makes him a valuable member of the NHS skin cancer Multidisciplinary Team.

Dr Ahid Abood Cambridge, Nuffield Health

Alongside his consultancy, Dr Abood runs his own private clinics in London and Cambridge. Patients travel from all over the UK and abroad to benefit from his expertise in cosmetic surgery and his skill in creating natural looking results. Dr Abood makes a point to treat his patients as individuals, providing them with a bespoke service from initial contact to aftercare. His consultations go into great depth as he takes the time to understand exactly what it is they want to achieve and to explain the ways in which he can help.

Dr Abood specialises in:

  • Reconstructive microsurgery following trauma and cancer
  • All aspects of skin cancer, including sentinel lymph node biopsy
  • Scar improvement

Breast Augmentation Cambridge

AA Plastic Surgery at Cambridge’s Nuffield Health Hospital offers breast enlargement for women whose breasts appear too small, saggy or asymmetric. 

Sometimes the breasts can lose volume after pregnancy or weight loss, which can lead to a person becoming self-conscious about their appearance. 

Breast augmentation restores confidence by balancing the proportions of the breasts so that they appear aesthetically pleasing.

This surgical procedure uses silicon implants to make the breasts appear fuller, lifted and more youthful. 

Dr Abood can complete this surgery in just one hour. Recovery takes 6 to 8 weeks.

Breast Reduction Cambridge

Many women with large and heavy breasts suffer from back and neck pain. Large breasts can also make it difficult to find clothes that fit, racking up expenses for tailored clothing and impacting self-confidence.

Breast reduction surgery can decrease the size and weight of the breasts by removing excess fat, glandular tissue and skin. The surgery can take 2 to 3 hours, and recovery may be 2 to 4 weeks.

The breasts are reshaped; the nipple is lifted higher; symmetry is restored. At his Cambridge clinic, Dr Abood can skilfully conceal any scarring.

Breast reduction makes life more comfortable for women with large breasts and puts their chest in proportion with the rest of their body.

Breast Reduction Cambridge, Nuffield Health


Breast Uplift Cambridge

Also known as ‘mastopexy’, a breast uplift is a surgical treatment designed to lift, reshape and volumize the breasts.

Age, lifestyle choices and life experiences take a toll on the body and over time breasts can grow to look saggy, droopy, flat, empty or asymmetrical.

For women who want to regain a firm and youthful appearance to their breasts, breast uplifts will lift the breasts to sit higher up on the chest. 

Breast uplifts can be performed at AA Plastic Surgery from Cambridge’s Nuffield Health Hospital within two hours. Recovery can take up to 6 weeks.

Tummy Tuck Cambridge

Sometimes referred to as ‘abdominoplasty’, a tummy tuck is commonly used to contour the abdomen and tighten loose skin that has formed during pregnancy, weight loss or ageing.

The stomach is perhaps the part of the body most susceptible to loose, hanging skin. It is one of our most vulnerable areas and its appearance has a big impact on how comfortable and attractive we feel.

Tummy tuck surgery removes excess skin that has been stretched for long periods of time and loses its elasticity. At Cambridge’s Nuffield Health Hospital, Dr Abood can perform this procedure in 2 to 3 hours, with a 6 weeks recovery approximation.

Tummy tucks create a tighter, more defined abdomen that leaves you feeling more confident in your appearance.

Liposuction Cambridge

Liposuction can be used on its own or in conjunction with another procedure to reduce a person’s weight.

The surgery involves the removal of fat from beneath the surface of the skin. 

Liposuction is effective at treating localised areas of the body where deposits of fat do not appear to decrease after changes to diet and exercise.

After consultation at Cambridge’s Nuffield Health Hospital, Dr Abood can perform liposuction on the arms, thighs, knees, stomach, hip and back.

Eye Bag Removal (Blepharoplasty) Cambridge

Eye bag removal at Ahid Abood’s clinic in Cambridge’s Nuffield Health Hospital is used to correct droopy eyes, fat bulges, bags under the lower lids and excess eyelid skin that can obscure vision.

The procedure removes excess skin and fat from around the eyes and can be used to address both upper and lower eyelids.

Our skin loses elasticity as we age, and the eye area is especially prone to creasing. Blepharoplasty can be used to restore a fresh and youthful appearance and reduce the risk of loose skin interfering with your vision.

This type of surgery takes between 60 and 90 minutes with a two to six week recovery period.

Skin Surgery Cambridge

At his Cambridge’s Nuffield Health Hospital, Dr Abood offers a range of skin surgery treatments, including:

  • Mole removal – moles are pigmented skin lesions that are found all over the body and can sometimes become cancerous
  • Cyst Removal – cysts are swellings of soft tissue beneath the skin that can occasionally become infected
  • Lipoma Removal – lipomas are usually harmless, fatty lumps that develop under the skin but can cause discomfort depending on their position
  • Skin Tag Removal – skin tags are fleshy growths that are often removed for cosmetic reasons
  • Skin Cancer Treatment – in the vast majority of cases, Dr Abood is able to remove suspected melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer and arrange for it to be tested and formally analysed

Additional Services Cambridge

  • Mummy makeover – fat is taken from one area of the body and used to enhance the breasts

Every treatment is tailored to the individual’s requirements. The most popular services that we offer are listed on this page, but Dr Abood’s expertise in reconstructive microsurgery and scar improvement ensures that he can perform specific surgeries, subject to requirement. You will have the chance to discuss what you hope to achieve at the initial consultation.

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Dr Ahid Abood’s Cambridge clinic is located at:

Nuffield Health Hospital, 

4 Trumpington Road,  



Directions to Dr Abood’s Cambridge, Nuffield Health Hospital Clinic

From Cambridge’s main railway station, take Great Northern Rd and Station Rd to Hills Rd/A1307. Turn left onto Hills Rd/A1307 and follow it until the Co-op where you should turn right onto Brooklands Ave. Follow Brooklands Ave to the lights and then turn left onto Trumpington Rd/A1134, AA Plastic Surgery at the Nuffield Health Cambridge Hospital will be on your left.

From Cambridge Airport, continue to Newmarket Rd/A1303 before taking A1134 and Cherry Hinton Rd to Brooklands Ave. Turn left onto Brooklands Ave and then left again at the lights to turn onto Trumpington Rd/A1134. AA Plastic Surgery at the Nuffield Health Cambridge Hospital will come up on your left.



About Cambridge 

Cambridge is the county town of Cambridgeshire and lies around 55 miles north of London. It gained city status in 1951 but is thought to have originated from a Bronze Age settlement. It became an important centre of trade during the Roman and Viking inhabitation of Britain.

Cambridge is perhaps most well known for housing the world-class University of Cambridge, founded in 1209. The university is the world’s fourth-oldest surviving university and possesses one of the largest legal deposit libraries around the globe.

The university’s Kings College Chapel backs onto the River Cam and is a popular photo opportunity for people who partake in Cambridge’s iconic recreation of river punting. The whole city is scattered with university buildings and their elegant architecture.

As a university city, over 40 per cent of Cambridge’s workforce has a higher education qualification as people who attended the university often go on to live in the city or establish start-up companies there. Cambridge is at the centre of the high-technology Silicon Fen and hosts the Cambridge Biomedical Campus; one of the largest biomedical research clusters in the world that includes the headquarters of AstraZeneca.