Pigmented Lesion Removal Cambridge

Are you considering pigmented lesion removal in Cambridge?

The appearance of pigmented lesions on the skin can cause a loss of confidence, resulting in harm to mental health. We offer a range of procedures that treat skin issues and allow you to regain your confidence.

Mr. Abood is a highly experienced practitioner of pigmented lesion removal, operating from his two clinics in North Cambridge and South Cambridge. He provides world-class service, using the techniques and procedures of leading consultant dermatologists and plastic surgeons for his clients.

You can rest in the knowledge that you are in safe hands with Mr. Abood, an outstanding and professional dermatology service provider. We aim to provide the best care at a reasonable price, and we have confidence that our professional procedures provide our clients with the best outcome. The techniques of our expert medical team ensure the best results for you and your skin.

Please contact our expert medical team of doctors and nurses today to arrange a free consultation at our Cambridge clinic, to discuss your skin concerns and our most popular treatments.

Our treatments:

Below are our most popular treatment options for pigmented lesion removal.

Mole removal


What are moles?

Moles are pigmented lesions on the skin, usually appearing as brown spots.

Why choose mole removal?

Although often harmless, the majority of people choose to have this procedure because they do not like the appearance of these brown spots. This is often the case if they appear in prominent areas such as the face and neck. In these cases, mole removal has the benefit of improving confidence and self-esteem.

How are moles removed?

The process is minimally intrusive, and we aim to make it as simple as possible. The surgeon will cut around any brown spots, and then stitch up the cut. You can expect to be left with a small scar where the mole was before. The appearance of any such scars will be minimal.

Skin tag removal


What is a skin tag?

Skin tags are small lumps attached to the skin, frequently attached by a thin stem. They are also known as acrochorda.

Why choose removal?

As with moles, skin tags may cause loss of confidence if they occur in a prominent area, such as the face or neck. The process of treatment is simple and efficient, and so it may be in your best interests to opt for removal if it makes you self-conscious.

How are skin tags removed?

You will be given local anaesthetic in the area in order to minimise discomfort while the tag is removed. The procedure does not require stitching.

Skin cancer

Skin cancer has become more common in the UK in recent years. This is especially true for those with sun-damaged skin, as sun exposure can be dangerous for skin cells.

Mr. Abood can arrange a professional skin cancer consultation appointment, where he will examine the skin, and, if cancer is present, will then remove it and send it off for professional testing.


About Dr Ahid Abood

Dr Abood is a consultant plastic and reconstructive surgeon who specialises in:

  • Reconstructive microsurgery following trauma and cancer
  • All aspects of skin cancer, including sentinel lymph node biopsy
  • Scar improvement

His qualifications include graduation from the University of Cambridge, completion of his medical studies at St. Mary’s Hospital in London, and a series of prestigious fellowships in the UK and abroad.

He currently runs two private clinics in Cambridge and Marylebone, London, in addition to mentoring medical students at the University of Cambridge and holding various roles within the NHS.

Dr Abood is a lead consultant in the role of Clinical Lead for Major Trauma Reconstruction to the East of England and a member of the NHS skin cancer Multidisciplinary Team. An NHS consultant position takes approximately 13 years to achieve, on top of qualifying as a doctor.

Dr Abood has had more than thirty- five papers published in respected medical journals and has published several book chapters on cosmetic surgery. He was awarded an MSc Distinction for his research into improving methods of skin cancer treatment using minimal scar techniques.


Dr Ahid Abood London


Frequently Asked Questions:


Can pigmented lesions be treated using laser treatments?

Mr. Abood uses surgery to treat the pigmented lesions of his clients, and does not treat them with laser treatments. While some other plastic surgeons do use laser treatment, Mr. Abood opts for surgical procedures instead.

If you are interested in laser treatments, we can discuss other alternatives with you in your free consultation.

What are the potential side effects of these treatments?

You may experience some slight discomfort when the general anaesthetic wears off after the treatment. It is also possible for some treatments, such as mole removal, to result in small scars at the site of the mole.

Can these procedures be used to treat acne scarring?

The procedures detailed above are used for lesion removal only. If you have concerns about acne scarring, please seek a consultation with other leading consultant dermatologists.

Can these procedures be used in place of laser hair removal?

The procedures detailed above are used for lesion removal only. If you are interested in laser hair removal, please seek a consultation with other leading consultant dermatologists.

How can I arrange a consultation about my treatment plan?

Please contact us directly to book an appointment for a free initial consultation, so you can discuss our range of cosmetic treatments and procedures with our friendly staff. You can rest in the knowledge that you are in good hands with our clinic, a leading dermatology service provider.

Book an initial consultation with Dr Abood to talk about your reasons for seeking a breast uplift and to consider whether it is the right course of action for you. Dr Abood has the experience and expertise to advise on the best method to achieve your desired results. He offers personalised care that will take into account your previous medical history and individual circumstances.


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Dr Ahid Abood’s Cambridge clinic is located at: Spire Cambridge Lea Hospital, 30 New Rd, Impington, Cambridge, CB24 9EL

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How can I access the clinic in Cambridge?

Our clinics are easily accessible to anyone in and around Cambridge. We have two locations around Cambridge, the Nuffield Health Cambridge Hospital in South Cambridge, and the Spire Cambridge Lea Hospital. Both locations are easily accessible from the center of Cambridge, within 15 minutes by car.

Our South Cambridge clinic:

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Our North Cambridge clinic:

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